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WE ALSO MAKE CORORATE EVENT BAGS FROM PAPERS BRANDED   AND SHWE SHWE LANYARDS  ETHICAL RODUCTS>If you are in search of a corporate gift for your clients, look no further than these green, eco-friendly gifts. The kliketyklikbox™ or all our new products are the solution to your quest.

Designed with your brand in mind, create your very own personalized kliketyklikbox™ or I.PET  or PETTIPOD for product launch giveaways, at seminars, events and conferences. Add GREEN to your company profile!


We make up a print plate and transform your kliketyklikbox™ into an eco-friendly, upcycled promotional gift box that can be filled with candy, biltong, ties, scarves and many more. Be different, and think differently by using what we upcycle. You are making the difference! and helping create jobs and skills training to women who really need it.

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